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Joint action gives amazing results. Aware of this fact, we are open to all forms of cooperation that help to achieve the common goals.. Meet our SPONSORS, thanks to which we can do much more, and our PARTNERS, who support us at every step.



Here are the companies we cooperate with on our projects. They supply us with the highest class equipment and fittings.


General distributor of selected Australian products for European markets. It provides high quality suspensions, clutches as well as brake discs and pads.


Supplier of high-quality accessories for off-road and special vehicles. Mainly specializes in electric and hydraulic winches with accessories, synthetic ropes, emergency and warning systems, and energy management systems on special vehicles.


Pedders is a company existing on the Australian market since 1950. They are distinguished in the industry by their   extensive experience in the production of suspension, steering and braking systems.

DBA Disc Brakes Australia

DBA Disc Brakes Australia is a global manufacturer of brake discs and pads for the after-market and OEM market (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Specializes in high performance brakes.


The Powerwinch brand was established in 2001, becoming the first Polish winch brand. The company is one of the largest suppliers of winches for off-road vehicles, quads and lorries in Poland and Europe, and specializes in specialized winches for institutions like: army, fire brigade, police and border guards.


Kangaroo Winch

Manufacturer of winches designed for various applications. No matter whether you are a 4×4 enthusiast or a professional working in the industry or in  special forces – Kangaroowinch won’t let you down.


POWERLINE – Engineered for ultimate performance

Manufacturer of a wide range of synthetic and kinetic ropes used in motorsport, off-road tourism, special forces and industry.

Haztec International

UK manufacturer, specializes in the design and manufacture of lightbars, beacons, sirens and warning lights for vehicles worldwide, often customized to meet bespoke customer applications across the globe.


The company specializes in the supply of accessories for special vehicles, including off-road and industrial. Its offer includes winches and accessories, synthetic and kinetic ropes, warning lights.


Specialists in the field of industrial production of high-quality starter batteries. Their passion for creating and following the latest trends manifests through the continuous research and development. 

Xtreme Outback

Xtreme Outback is a market leader in the development of Heavy Duty and High Performance clutches. Xtreme Outback products cope with the most difficult terrain and are used in off-road cars, military and specialized vehicles.


Producent odzieży medycznej fluo oraz odzieży taktycznej – spodni, polarów, kurtek, bojówek, bluz, odzieży taktycznej. Ich ideą jest tworzenie POLSKIEGO PRODUKTU, dlatego projektują i szyją w Polsce.



Here are the companies that support our activities – from daily tasks to original projects.

CONCEPT sp. z o.o.

A Polish manufacturer of special vehicles, bodies and components for them as well as aluminum boats for the army and public security services. It also sells and services ATV and UTV vehicles and motorcycles. The company has a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 and AQAP 2110: 2016. It has been operating on the market since 2001.

Bezpieczny Kazbek

The project started by the MEDYK RESCUE TEAM foundation maintains a seasonal (July – September) emergency duty and outpatient base (at 3653m above sea level) on the slopes of Mount Kazbek in Georgia. The project has been under the patronage of the Polish Mountaineering Association and the Polish Mountaineering Support Foundation named after Jerzy Kukuczka.


4x4flatearth is a Facebook fanpage and a YouTube channel of the same name. The project is run by Marek Jaźwiecki, backed up by Łukasz Likos and photographer and cameraman Damian Pawlus. Both media are dedicated mainly to offroad tourism, expeditions, equipment presentation, and from time to time sport and advice.

Największy tor off road’owy w Europie, jedyny w swoim rodzaju 50 hektarowy teren i 25 km tras, przeznaczonych na realizację wszelkich marzeń off roadowych. Duże wzniesienia, trawersy, błoto, woda, kamienie, las i szybkie trasy cross country.

SAMPLE Szkolenia Medyczne

A training company offering first aid courses (also in English) and specialized training for individuals (including children), companies, medical practices, public services, teaching staff and birthing schools.

We invite you to cooperate

Are you interested in cooperation? Do you have an idea for a joint project? Or maybe you want to know our sponsorship packages? We are happy to tell you more about them.