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Carta Rallye MOROCCO

Medical SERVICES for the cross-country rally in Morocco. 3000 km of wilderness passed with 4x4 Ambulance, 7 days of continuous readiness for action.

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Tuareg Rallye

Medical services during cross-country rally in the harshest desert conditions in Algeria with fully equipped 4x4 ambulance and in cooperation with an international medical team.

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Medical services during King of Poland 2019 rally - the Polish edition of the Ultra4Europe. With a 5-person team, 2 ambulances and a field hospital, we were providing safety for competitors from all over the world in vehicles with 1000 horsepower engines.

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MTB Medica provided medical services for several editions of Endurance Masters Championship – few rounds each year. 4x4 ambulance and team of paramedics ready for action often in cold and rain.

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Five Mountains

MTB Medica provided medical services during a great off-road expedition to the Balkans - 7 days on stand-by and 1600km in a 4x4 ambulance. We were responsible for medical care for the crews of 95 vehicles. Rally website

logo Gibraltar Race

Gibraltar Race

The great motorcycle rally - a few thousand kilometers route running throughout Europe. MTB Medica provided 4x4 ambulance, doctors, paramedics and nurses to secure this stunning, over two weeks long challenge.

logo Rallye Trial Germany

Rallye Trial Germany

MTB Medica provided medical services for the competition that is part of GORM (German Off-Road Masters). It involved a 4x4 ambulance on alert for three days in an extremely difficult terrain full of turns, hills, mud and water.

logo Women's Challenge 4x4

Women's Challenge 4x4

MTB Medica provided medical services for the most feminine off-road rally in Poland - off-road ambulance on the difficult and demanding route of special mountain stages in Wisla (town).

logo 200 pieczątek

200 stamps in 24 hours

MTB Medica provided EMS during off-road rally organized in the difficult terrain of the Karkonosze Mountains. It involved a 4x4 ambulance, a team ready to operate in the terrain full of mud and hills, rocks and trees – non stop for 24 hours.

logo mud party


MTB Medica provided medical service for a truly muddy, spectacular OFF-ROAD event - a 4x4 ambulance in full field equipment, a team of paramedics experienced in providing assistance in difficult terrain.

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Opava Rally "TRIAL"

MTB Medica provided medical services for the South-West Zone Championship of Poland in the Motorcycle Trial of the Polish Motor Association (PZMot), organized by TMSM Sparta Wrocław.

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Olszyna Motopark

MTB Medica provided medical services during rallies and events at the best and largest OFF Road area in Poland and Europe! It’s over 50 hectares of specially prepared tracks for ATV’s, UTV’s and 4x4’s/Pick-ups.

non stop 4x4 radzikone 2020

Radzikone 2020 non-stop 4x4

MTB Medica provided medical services for cross-country crossing rally with mixed formula: Trial for points + additional route with photo stamps and time SS. It involved a 4x4 ambulance and a team of medics experienced in driving in difficult terrain.

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Rajd Opawski "TRIAL"

Zabezpieczenie medyczne rundy mistrzostw strefy południowo-zachodniej Polski w Motocyklowym Trialu Polskiego Związku Motorowego, organizowanej przez TMSM Sprata Wrocław, ambulans 4x4, zespół medyków.

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Olszyna Motopark

Zabezpieczenie rajdu organizowanego na największym w Polsce terenie do jazdy OFF Road, udział w kilku edycjach imprezy, 2 ambulansy 4x4, nadzór nad zawodnikami rozproszonymi na terenie 50 hektarów.